Saturday, February 9, 2013

sorority chat saturday

Hey y'all,

I thought I would start a new series that could last until recruitment in the fall, a series that would discuss everything relating to joining and being in a sorority inculding staying connected as an alum. Since spring recruitment has already been underway, hundreds of new members are settling into new member classes and future bigs are planning their goodies. I know as being a big twice as well as working with other officers Big/Little week is sometimes the most stressful/fun times a member can have spoiling her future little.

Since I love Big/Little I thought I would post a few gift ideas for the next month since Big/Little week for most chapters should be coming up soon. Big/Little is handled differently by every greek organization and each chapter. My chapter has specified themes for each day but if your chapter does not think of themes yourself: your chapters colors/symbol/letters on one day, school supplies/tools one day, family theme another, relaxation day, etc.

Here are some ideas besides the typical painted canvas/letters/monogram:
A small storage dish with letters.
You could fill this with anything. Her favorite candy, emi jay style hairties, nail polish, bobby pins, etc.
Similarly you could paint a mason jar with your symbol/letters/her monogram. Perfect for pencils for a study day or for a sorority themed day.

Coasters! I love coasters and they are always needed from your dorm, to the house, to post-grad.
You could make a set with letters or her monogram.
A corkboard.
I love the idea of adding in your animal/symbol to add some decor to the functionality. We all need a place for photos and reminders.

Decorate a clipboard! It's a great addition to a study day basket and reminds members that it is studies first before fun.
It would be cute to attach encouraging notes/messages for your little about her studies or an invitation to study together after big/little week.

Perfect for a Chi Omega, a lantern could be transformed to fit lots of sorority animals/symbols.
A neat way to capture the animal and great room decor for those living in the house.

Candle Holders for a Relaxation Day gift. I know lots of organizations have the rose as their flower.

A picture frame with red slippers that says "There's no place like (your greek organization)"
Get ready for some more ideas next week! What was your favorite gift during big/little week?

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Big Little was always my favorite event! Cute ideas. I still use my study board all the time.

  2. These sorority gift ideas are adorable! :)
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for more details!



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