Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey y'all,

I am in a weird rut when I don't feel like myself and it has been for the past few days so I apolgize. But here are a few things I am loving this week....

...hanging out with my sorority family. On Monday, my littles, one of my grandlittles and my great-grandlittle all came over to celebrate my birthday, watch the Bachelor, and generally hang out. It was a great chance to see everyone and for me to get to know my great-grandlittle more since she was taken this fall and I have only met her at reveal and once for dinner with her side of the family. We also might have had fun playing Cootie. Childhood games at their best (I also happened to WIN!)
Can you guess which bug is mine? baby sister, kDi is visiting on Friday/Saturday! I am really excited to spend time with her since I haven't seen her since Christmas. We are really close and I am lucky that she goes to NCState which is only 30 minutes away from Chapel Hill. We plan on watchings some Disney movies and might go utilize a Groupon I have to go see Skyfall on Franklin street.
throwback to when kDi came to PBX formal Spring '11 of my best friend's is becoming a great-grandbig. rMc and I have been friends since our evil Western Civilization TA back when we are first years and we became PBX sisters our sophomore year. I am really close with rMc's little and grandlittle. Actually, both our Fam's have been really close for years and I am excited for kRe and might have been sending her craft ideas all of yesterday.
kRe & I at her initiation!
We were twins in our J.Crew dresses.
....finding a small group. Last week I visited two small groups and I have finally found my place. I am really excited to see where God leads us in the coming months.
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What are you loving today?

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Glad you have so many things to love today! I love spending time with my sorority fam!!

  2. Yay for sorority family time. :)

  3. How fun that your sister is visiting! I didn't get to see Skyfall in the theaters but want to watch it on DVD!


Thanks for the sweet note!