Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Little Lambs!

Hey y'all,

Yesterday Phi Beta Chi Kappa Chapter welcomed their new Alpha Gamma class! I am so excited to meet the new members during the alumni event later this month. While I doubt any of these members will become part of my family, some of the girls I am still close to in the sorority are on the search for their future littles! (All photos from the wonderful book of faces)
My Sorority Fam at Pref Night Wednesday
Bid Day Activities
Big/Little at Bid Day!
cFm's first recruitment from the other side!
The Alpha Gamma Class with the current membership director AW!
I hope all of you that went through recruitment this spring found your home! I can honestly say that Phi Beta Chi shaped me for the better and some of my closest friends are also individuals I can call my sisters. While the media portrays greek life as organizations for bored college students to party they don't see the powerful friendships forged, the wonderful philanthropic activities, the statistics that greek life members have higher GPAs or the fact that greek life connects individuals to amazing networking opportunities. Greek life is about family and connections not alcohol and parties. Viewing national organization websites make that clear!

I hope that you are all having wonderful weekends!

Peace and Blessings (& avvic),


  1. Congratulations to Phi Beta Chi Kappa Chapter!!

  2. Congratulations to your chapter's newest pledge class! My campus just finished up informal winter recruitment (we also do formal recruitment in the fall) and I am so excited to meet all of the new members. My Little is taking a second Little this semester, so I am looking forward to becoming a Grand Big again!



Thanks for the sweet note!