Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey y'all,

I am currently feeling restless in a lot of places in my life and therefore I need some change. I am debating changing my blog design. Since my little blog is coming up on it's one year anniversary I was thinking about giving it a face lift. I love that I designed the theme I have now all by myself but I am welcome to suggestions of designers and offers of design!



  1. I've been wanting to do the same thing for a while! I found these two ladies through other blogs and they look pretty awesome and the price is just about right; ($65) ($80)

    I've recently started going through my favorite blogs and clicking their design links to see who they use! Let me know if you find anything else!!


  2. My blog designer was my in real life friend/graphic designer she's amazing! I was her first ever blog design,and I love how it turned out! Here's the link to her website:

  3. I used Shannon Page Design!
    She was great and very reasonable in price

  4. I highly recommend Kaitlyn from she did mine super quick and is amazing! Her prices are also amazing! Hope this helps!


Thanks for the sweet note!