Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cooking Up A Storm

Hey y'all,

HAPPY APRIL! I am loving that the weather is finally warming up now in NC but that also means that allergy season has begun. Here is to hoping I can breathe when walking outside this month. 
Anyway, this past weekend I spent some time on Friday with co-workers at the local mall just browsing when I found a really interesting cookbook at Barnes and Nobles on the sale table and then when I ran to a different Barnes and Nobles yesterday to finish off a blog swap I picked up a few more off the clearance table. I picked up:


Some of my cookbooks I already had were:
Cook Yourself Thin
Hungry Girl Cookbook
The Healthy College Cookbook
Cook Yourself Thin Faster
The Basic Cooking Bible

I am looking at the following to grab from the library to check them out:
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So it got me thinking, where do y'all find your recipes? Blogs? Pinterest? Cookbooks? Want to share?

Peace and Blessings,

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