Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hey y'all,

This week I am loving.....

this weather. who doesn't love when the low on the 7 day forecast is 60 degrees.

GrandLittle #2's birthday is TODAY! I can't wait to celebrate kBm's 21st birthday soon. 
this book series by Krista McGee I will discuss more on Book Club Friday.

winning Clemson Girl's Marley Lilly Contest! I am really excited for some more monogram items to grace my collection.

these etsy finds:

the sermon series my church just started called First Love. The sermon series focuses on relationships for those that are single and married. The first week was this past Sunday and I really encourage you to watch it!

hanging out with my parent's cat all weekend. I love this little kitten, and the entire family spoils him.

What are you loving this week? Link up here.


  1. Ohh you'll have to tell me about these books, I need a new good one :) And I love love love all these etsy finds!!

  2. I'm loving those Etsy finds! And your parents cat is too cute :)

  3. That book series has be intrigued :). I'll have to read your Book Club Friday post!


Thanks for the sweet note!