Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Air!!

Hey y'all,

So today is a big day in my life, my bestie of 8+ year turns 23 today! While we will not be together to celebrate (boo to living in different states) I was able to see her on Monday for dinner with her family and then text during the Bachelorette. I am so blessed that the M family moved across the street all those years ago and I had the same lunch period as Air in sophomore year. Between all the AP classes, band practices(we made her go for color guard), college applications, movies, reality TV and going to colleges 800 miles apart Air and I have developed an amazing bond. I really can't see my life in high school and college with out her there to call, have sleepovers with, watch lightning storms, and so much more.

High School Grads!
Two Summers Ago
I can't wait to see what the next year is like for Air (let's hope for some medical school news!) so let's all celebrate! 

(ps. we are exactly half a year apart so it's my 23.5 birthday! Yes I am having cake to celebrate)

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  1. Happy Birthday to your bf! It sounds like some exciting developments might be in store for Air!


Thanks for the sweet note!