Saturday, January 18, 2014

52 in 52 {week 3}

Hey y'all,

This week at work has been pretty crazy and I have been feeling out of wack so sorry for the no-posting, now we are back on track with the weekly question for the 52 questions in 52 weeks. This weeks question is all about your father:

Tell me about your father (his name, birth date, birthplace, parents, etc.) Can you share some memories you have of your father?

Well for starters my Daddy is also known as D.M.D. He is a September baby as a lot of his family, I mean my Aunt and baby sister are also September babies so we always have a lot going on in that month. He is one of two boys and was born & raised in a small town in Northern New Hampshire not far from Canada, Maine or Vermont. Yep, very New England and we were all so heartbroken when the Old Man of the Mountain fell a few years ago.
My Dad is one of my biggest role models. Yes, he was not always around a lot due to being in the military but he has taught me so much about hard work, having a passion, being focused, and so much more. He is such a caring man and I am blessed to have him and my mother as role models of a great marriage. I have learned from him how to ski (both downhill and cross-country), how to cook pancakes on a griddle, to have a passion for traveling, to be strong in your faith, and to be strong. I love spending time with my Dad even if it is just talking at the kitchen table, dragging him to see every animated kids movie on the planet (yes he did go to see Frozen with us over Christmas break), or talking to him on the phone. My dad is a giant kid as my mom calls him but he sees life as full of wonder and questions and we need to explore it (after working really hard). I am his little girl and always have been and I am glad that he is there as my Daddy-Daddy and I'm Jessica-Jessica. Yes we watched the Tom-Tom commercials too much, but I think that was because my Dad used to watch Grey's Anatomy with me every Thursday.

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  1. Aww I love this!! What would the world be without daddies??


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