Saturday, January 25, 2014

52 in 52 {week 4}

Hey y'all,

So here we are on week four of 52 questions in 52 weeks. It is strange revealling all this personal information but I like all the interview questions and I mean where we grow up and who we grow up with does influence our personalities. Now onto this week's question:

Tell us about your mother (hers name, birth date, birthplace, parents, etc.) Can you share some memories you have of your mother?
So my mom is vDj formerly vKj. She was born and raised in Southern California in a rather large family. I mean she is the youngest girl in a family of five kids, four girls and a boy (the baby). She is from the Orange County area and yes we did not watch the O.C. because it annoyed my mom but I have been to Laguna Beach when we visited her family. Her family all live in CA and it has been a long time since I have been to the west to visit but that is one trip I am planning this year. 

My mom is my rock and my inspiration. She stayed at home to raise four kids and instilled in us a love of reading (she has worked as a librarian before). I always think of my mom as the one who took us to borders, the library, was there for all our ballet recitals, was there for all the boo-boos, has the best hugs and is okay with me calling her almost everyday. My mom has survived loosing her parents, having a husband who was deployed a lot, and dealing with four kids and all the struggles of motherhood. I constantly look up to her and her strength. I have gained so many things from my mom, my allergy to benzoyl peroxide, my love of books, my frugal shopping skills, my love of baking/cooking, and my mother-hen gene. 
Aren't Moms pretty magical? What is your favorite memory of your mom?

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  1. Moms really ARE magical :) and yours sounds amazing! How cool that she worked in a library and is from the OC! Haha I love that she couldn't watch that show!


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