Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Age of Aquarius

Hey y'all,

Today starts the time of the Aquarius horoscope, typically I am not into astrology but, Lilly Pulitzer has been making Murfee scarves for each of the signs. Since I am a water-bearer (10 days until I turn 24!) I was really excited to see what Lilly would come up with for my sign...

Aquarius is described as:
Here is the murfee scarf:
I'm not in love with it. Typically Aquarius is shown as waves or a person holding a jug of water but this was very mermaid focused. Nothing against mermaids, they were just not what I was expecting for my sign. The first image in this post was a Lilly 5x5 from Pinterest and I thought that would be more inline with the Murfee. Maybe I will love it when I see it in person but for now I think I will pass. 

However, this bangle from C.Wonder might fill my Aquarius fix:

Thoughts? Have you seen the Horoscope Murfees?


  1. Love this print! I'm a gemini myself and I love the Lilly print for my June birthday.


  2. I never knew a thing about the zodiac signs until I sat beside a woman who was VERY passionate about astrology at my last job! I loved all she taught me about them and while I don't believe in the day to day horoscopes, I do think that people's personalities often fit well with their signs! Aquarius is one of the best signs out there, too! :)


Thanks for the sweet note!