Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 in 2014

Hey y'all,

I found out that I made some pretty lofty goals last year for my 13 in 13 goals but that's ok since I got close for some of them.Let's do a quick re-cap:
  1. Grow in my faith and my relationship with God. 
  2. Read 113 books. I changed my goal to 100 and I ended up reading 94 books so I think that is completely fine since only 8% of adult Americans on average read more than 50 books.
  3. Try 113 new recipes. This was very lofty goal. I did challenge myself to try new recipes this year but 113 did not happen even with pinterest and checking out some cookbooks from the library.
  4. Run a half marathon. I did run/walk a 5K this summer with my roommate but I haven't had the urge to begin training again. I have a half marathon on my 30 by 30 list so I think this will be on the back burner for a while. 
  5. Lose 13lbs. Also something that didn't happen this year as I adjusted to living by myself I have since moved in with a roommate and got more active, I even have a dietitian but this is happening in 2014
  6. Craft 13 things. 
  7. Meet 13 new people.  Joining in with my church's young professional group, becoming a sorority advisor and new people at work I have extended my circle of friends in my postgrad life.
  8. Keep a prayer journal for the entire year. Something I think of as a continuous goal, while I did not keep my goal for this year I did spend some time journaling my prayers but it was not throughout the entire year.
  9. Buy a car.  You can read all about my car buying experience here and here.
  10. Finish decorating my place. I have moved since last year but I have since begun decorating my current place and I am almost done decorating my room and the living spaces.
  11. Go two months without unnecessary spending. I did limit some spending during the spring before getting my car but I have a friend who is currently not spending money on clothes for two years (except for gift cards) and she is helping me to challenge myself this year to cut off excess spending and focus on my financial savings. YAY for budgeting.
  12. Send out cards.  While I didn't send out birthday cards to everyone I did send out my first year of Christmas cards. This next year though I have a handful of weddings, my baby sis graduates and more occasions for cute cards.
  13. Have adventures. From beach trips, interesting times in downtown Raleigh, and many more I have tried to be open to saying yes to various adventures, which is hard for me since I love to be in 
Now let's get onto my 14 goals for 2014:
1. Read the entire Bible. I have read a lot of the word of God but I really want to dig deep and read the entire thing.
2. Read 114 books. I know I fell short of my goal last year but I really think I will be able to accomplish this one.
3. Pay off 2 of my student loans. I have a couple small loans left that if I focus on saving and eliminating I will be able to pay off by the end of the year. It is just one more step towards becoming debt free by 28.
4. Blog at least 3 times a week. Work and life get crazy but I have already made a blog calendar for the month and I would love to focus some of my free time here to grow my little community.
5. Find joy in my job. I love my job but sometime you get so frustrated or bored you forget your blessings and all the great things you have going for you so I want to remain grateful and find joy in the little things especially my job.
6. Work on my health by reaching my happy weight. I have a particular BMI range I want to make it to an by working on the habits I began at the end of 2013 and sticking to my goal I hope to be confident, happy and feel beautiful in my body.
7.Keep up a daily devotional all year. I tend to have a short attention span with devotionals but this year I picked up Jesus Calling and plan to stick to it all year. So far so good.
8.Workout at least 3 times a week. This goes with the reaching my happy weight but I genuinely feel so much better after a great workout. To start the new year off I am participating in Tone It Up's Love Your Body challenge.
9. Cook at least 52 new recipes. This is one a week and I love pouring through cookbooks so I hope I can continue to use Pinterest and cookbooks to spice up my dinners.
10. Participate in the 52 Weeks savings plan. I know a lot of you have seen this on Pinterest but I need to focus my finances on saving not spending and this is an easy tool to save a lot of cash without feeling like all your money is going into savings.
11. Break from technology. I think we all in this day and age have a problem leaving social media and the rest of the internet but I want to remind myself to be present when with friends and unplug every night.
12. Run 2 5Ks. I want to challenge myself and a half-marathon is a lofty goal so let's start small.
13. No clothes shopping unless it's a necessity. After organizing my closet on New Year's I was reminded of all the blessings I have. I really do not need any more clothes and I will survive until I am at my happy weight when I am sure I will need a pantervention.
14. Remember to love fully, live simply and laugh often.

I think this song is my theme for the new year:

What are your goals/resolutions for this year?


  1. I saw the savings plan on Pinterest as well, and that is something that I plan on doing! It seems SO manageable, and to be able to add that much to my savings account throughout 2014! What a fabulous idea!

    I also need to find more joy in my job -- or find a job that I truly enjoy!

    Happy New Year, Jessica!

  2. I am doing the Pinterest saving plan, too! I have a little check-off list for every week in my planner. We should hold each other accountable!

    I love number 14 on your list! That is the absolute perfect goal for the year. Happy New Year!

  3. I'm doing the same savings plan (I found it on Pinterest too :))!! I already save quite a bit out of each paycheck, but since I want to buy a new car this year, everything helps!

    Many props to you for trying to read the entire Bible in a year :).


Thanks for the sweet note!