Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation Update & 100 Followers

Hey y'all,

Sorry it has been forever since I blogged. I spent  a lovely few days in Wilmington, NC followed by watching as much Olympics as I could between work and the internet decided to die for a few days. So here is an update of what I did over my mini-vacation (I am nicknaming it the vacation of good food and wine).

Monday. I planned on leaving Monday morning but an emergency babysitting job came up so I ended up leaving a little before noon which worked out just fine. It is a really nice drive to Wilmington from my hometown and not too long. So I arrived at my friend jHl's (or Jessie, we call each other twins since she is one day older than me and we practically have the same name) apartment in gorgeous downtown Wilmington. I don't know if it is just me but I love historic homes in beach towns. The beautiful architecture and rich colors make it so special. Jessie had to run to work a little after I got there which I understand as a college student that money is important. So I spent time reading, taking a nap after my drive and playing with the dogs she was pet-sitting (Twinkie and Cupcake). After jHl came back from work we ran to Sweet & Savory for dinner. I have known Jessie since the 8th grade and she is one of a handful of individuals I still keep up with after High School. It is so funny because even though we took completely different paths we have had some of the same experiences in college and our conversations are so natural as if we haven't been apart. I know we both have grown a lot in college but it was great to see her and share what is going on in my life and hers. After dinner we ran to Harris Teeter (grocery store) for some wine and ice-cream before heading back to her place to watch You've Got Mail.

It was Jessie's first time having Moscato and I converted her!
Enjoying the beach view!
We got up early (9am) to head to Wrightsville Beach! It was the perfect weather and the beach was not crowded at all (well except for a good number of surfers and there were a few close calls) and the water was the perfect temperature. I wish I could live on the beach but after a few hours of conversation, reading, people watching and a walk down to the pier we decided to pack it up and low and behold an hour later I realized I had a horrible sunburn on my back (yes I wore SPF I just burn too easily and am now starting to peel a week later). After going back to the apartment, Jessie had to run to work again, which was a-okay since my grandlittle, sGc, lives in the area and we met up to explore downtown Wilmington. It was great to see her since she left right after school ended to study abroad in ITALY! I loved looking in all the adorable shops and catching up on European adventures and comparing how we loved Europe. It was great to have another connection and I was sad when our time ended (I will just have to visit in the fall since they all start to move back to Chapel Hill THIS WEEK!!!!). A couple of hours of reading (no TV or Internet in the apartment) and cuddling with the dogs Jessie was back and we ran out to dinner at Fat Tony's and then to the wine bar The Fortunate Glass.A perfect Day ending in the movie Penelope.
OOTD After the Beach

Beach waves and Webster for Target Tank
Hanging out with my g-little, sGc with the USS North Carolina in the background/
The adorable cupid pouring wine etching on the glasses at The Fortunate Glass
The adorable decor in The Fortunate Glass.

A quick run to a local coffee shop and more conversations about boys, life, friends, and our futures was followed by a jaunt to the mall to grab a few things. After lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, Jessie was back at work and I was in the apartment reading and waiting for one of my little sister's friends to arrive since she was coming into Wilmington for a concert. We ran to dinner at Flamming Amy's (suggested by my grandlittle) and then Jessie came back from work with cupcakes in hand and together they went to the concert(it wasn't my cup of tea) so I stayed in drinking Moscato and watching Chick Flicks like The Wedding Date, Music and Lyrics and Letters to Juliet all while packing up to return home.

The dogs would never sit still for a photo. Oh Well.
I was planning on leaving pretty early in the morning but a last minute decision for all of us to have breakfast together meant not leaving until after IHOP. I arrived home in the early after noon blessed to have spent time with someone I know I will cherish as a friend for years to come and having lots of wine, relaxation, good food, and good company. And we never took a photo together, me and Jessie, whoops.

WHILE I WAS GONE I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! If you can't tell I am excited, thankful and so blessed by each of y'all and I am currently working on a giveaway as an appreciation for all of you! I hope it will be ready by Friday so be on the lookout!


I hope you all had amazing weeks last week! What were your opinions on the Opening Games? Any Olympic Decisions you disagree with(gymnastics)?

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Sounds like such a great week! I've never been to Wilmington but I've always wanted to...looks like a great little place to get away to! So glad you had a good time :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful vacation...I'm glad you got to see so many of your friends!

  3. Wow, you packed a lot into your mini vacation! It sounds like you had a blast :)! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. Gotta love that Moscato! Sounds like you had a great time!


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