Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Award: The Liebster Award.

Hey y'all,

Sorry I have been MIA due to working all weekend but there was a nice surprise that on Saturday I was nominated by two lovely bloggers, Kentucky Belle in the Making and Ally of Sunny Sweetheart , for the Liebster Blog Award. The award focuses on upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers since the word Liebster from German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the blogger world. I still can't believe that I am on my third month on this blog of my life and adventures after graduation. This is actually the second time I recieved this award, to see my first post click HERE.

Now as with all blog awards there are a few rules. So here they are:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose people five people to pass the award onto and link them in your post.
4. Inform those individuals of their award.
5. No tag backs!

11 Facts about me. For more information check out my About Me section.

1. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 21 and I still have never had a boyfriend. While I waited until I was kissed I always felt strange that I missed a hurdle most people get over in middle school but it ended up being the perfect thing and was right for me.
2. I have never been to Disneyworld. Only Disneyland.
3. I hate cooked vegetables. I really only love corn and green beans. The rest of them are a no go. I think its a consistency issue which causes me to be a super picky eater.
4. I burn really easily. This morning I went for a 25 minute run and came back pink/. :( Blame my Irish heritage.
5. I drive a 2004 blue Pontiac GrandAm named Bloo.
6. I cry really easily. People my call it over emotional but it is my normal. A sweet movie, book, commercial, youtube video hand me the tissues. Since I probably will be balling my eyes out.
7. If you give me the choice of the beach or the mountains I will always say beach. The mountains are fun in the fall but I love the beach year round, especially chilly spring days.
8. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast and I can quote the entire thing. I also think I am a lot like Belle (huge fan of reading, speak French, want adventure, and love to care for others.)
9. I currently have 10 books checked out from the library and this is normal for me. I hate not having a huge stack of books waiting for me.
10. I own no clothing from Lilly Pulitzer (shocking I know) but I don't have the budget for her pieces right now. I am a bargain shopper and maybe in the future I will add a few things into my closet.
11. I never remember my dreams. Seriously, I think I have remembered about 11 over my 22 years. I am also a dead sleepers so I don't know if that factors in.

Ally of Sunny Sweetheart's Questions
1. Why do you blog?
I began blogging as a procrastination tool for school my Junior year of college by starting my Tumblr. I began the companion blog the start of my Senior year of college as a collection of memories and an extension of my  Tumblr sensibilities. I began this blog though as a new start to record my life, loves, and thoughts as I transition from college to life in the "real world."
2. What is the last song you listened to?
Luke Bryan's I Don't Want This Night to End.
3. What is your favorite social network (Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, etc.)?
Hmmm. This one is hard. I love looking at everyone's photos on Facebook but as far as keeping up with friends I mainly check out Twitter. I do love the blog community on Blogger though. If you can't tell I am pretty indecisive. 
4. Favorite childhood memory?
I had a really happy childhood. I loved taking ballet classes and all of the performances. I also loved swim lessons and just hanging out having sleepovers. I can't really pinpoint a specific memory since I don't remember any bad ones. I did love spending the night at SeaWorld San Antonio. The Academically Gifted kids at my elementary school got to spend the night there. We dissected small sharks in groups, touched dolphins and went to the top of the shark tank. It was pretty cool as a 4th grader. 
5. What makes you smile?
Lots of things: children, kindness, my friends, my sorority sisters, my family, a good deal. 
6. Favorite spring/summer 2012 trend or fall/winter 2012-2013 trends?
I am loving all of the bright colors this summer and the large statement jewelry. 
7. What pets (if any) have you had in your life so far?
2 major pets. A golden retriever named Whiskey when I was really little and then a German Shepherd/Chow Mix named Quincey who just passed away this past spring after 13 years. I have also had a couple different fish including the beta fish Henry Edward Beta and Philip Radish(my Big gave me Radish and it's family tradition to give fish with vegetable names).
8. Favorite hair tool or product?
I love my ghd straightener. Seriously it is the best for my curly hair. Product wise I switch up things a lot since I get bored. I would love recommendations.
9. Do you prefer e-books or regular books?
REGULAR. I don't have an e-reader but I have struggled with this question a lot especially as an English major. You can read all about it here.
10. What ingredients make your perfect sandwich?
White bread, ham, turkey, bacon, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, and mayo. Completely unhealthy but so delicious. 
11. What sports or activities, if any, did you do/currently do in high school?
I swam on the swim team in middle school but swim team in high school practiced at 5am and I love my sleep. Plus I hated it being so competitive, I love to swim, not to shave time off my records. I did play clarinet in the marching band though for all four years. Other activities: National Honors Society, French Club, French National Honors Society, Academy of Scholars, Mu Alpha Theta (Math National Honors Society), Total Image. Volunteering with my church as the nursery and Pre-K teacher for Sunday school. Over involved kid right here.

Kentucky Belle in the Making's Questions

1.) Why did you start blogging?
I answered this question above so I will go with why I love bloggging. I love the outlet to get my thoughts out, I love the community and the amazing women I have "met," I love learning about people's struggles and joys and knowing that everyone truly cares and respects each other. The other day I had an amazing comment about how I am an inspiration. Y'all that made my day. Little old me inspiring someone else that I had never met. That is powerful.
2.) All time favorite song?
Hmm. I am a music junkie. I love really old country music so I would probably go with something like Check Yes or No by George Strait or John Michael Mongomery's I Can Love You Like That.
3.) What do you do to relax?
Bake, read, take a bubble bath, clean, listen to music. Pretty simple things. It is mainly focusing on something else outside of my life that helps me relax.
4.) Would you rather plan out a trip or go spur of the moment?
I am a big planner so plan out the trip. It also helps me pack since I know what to expect, yet I do love having some spontaneous aspects. Plan the big things and then just enjoy.
5.)Boots or heels?
Hmmm. It really depends on the occasion. You are more likely to find me in a pair of riding boots but for special occasions heels all the way.
6.)What's the most unique thing about you?
This question is really hard to me. Maybe I will come up with an answer but for now I am leaving this one blank.
7.)Are you extremely tech savvy or do you struggle?
Decently tech-savy. I wouldn't say I am an expert and if you ask me to do things on a Mac I might be a bit confused but with daily life and applications I am a-okay!
8.) Do you quote Mean Girls?
Sometimes. It is not in my top 10 movies but some quotes are just so memorable. I am more likely quoting Disney movies though.
9.) Do you have bad habits?
I pick at my nail polish. I hate to fold laundry/put it away, or put away dishes. I have a short temper with my sister especially when it comes to manners and being considerate since I know she knows better from living together. I guess that is good for now.
10.) What is something you are extremely proud of?
Hmmm. Probably my degrees. I worked really hard for my high school diploma graduating in the top 10 out of 400 kids at my school. And at Carolina I graduated with a GPA above 3.0 which is a great accomplish coming from one of the hardest public schools in that nation (yes we make the list of the most stressful colleges every year, but I wouldn't have it any other way.)
11.) Do you keep up with the news? Celebrity, political, or both?
I typically keep up with the news when I am home. When I was in college though I barely kept up but I try to have a bit of knowledge of politics, celebrity and local news.

Questions for my recipients:
1. If you could meet one blogger and one celebrity in real life who would you want to meet?
2. If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go?
3. If you were a kitchen appliance what would you be?
4. What fortune would you want from a fortune cookie?
5. What is your favorite book?
6. What song describes you?
7. Favorite candy?
8. Favorite movie you have seen recently?
9. Dream job?
10. Beach or Mountains
11. If you had 1,000 what would you do with it?

I nominate:


  1. This is too funny - I was just about to comment saying I nominated you for the Liebster! You can still check it out on my blog if you're interested: http://thechroniclesofs.blogspot.ca/2012/07/liebster-blog-award.html


  2. Aww! Thank you so much for nominating me love! That is so sweet of you to think of me :)

    xoxo, Emily

  3. love getting to know the girls behind the blogs! congrats on your award :)

  4. Thanks for the nomination! Here is the link to my post about the award. :)



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