Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christmas in July.

Hey y'all,

We all know that Christmas time is months away but I love to get working on my Christmas list early. This year, who knows where I will be for Christmas. I might have a job in a different state, be living somewhere else in NC or still stuck in my hometown but since we don't know if I will be asking for apartment decor and kitchen gadgets here are a few things I have been eyeing but haven't taken the plunge to buy. Maybe they will be Christmas gifts, who knows!

1. An e-reader. If you met me in real life you would know that I have struggled over the e-reader debate. In most of my English classes at UNC it would always come up: books vs. digital text. I am a hardcore fan of holding a book in my hand and as you can see in my bookshelf organization post you know I am crazy about books. So to be practical I am hoping to get a Nook Simple Touch with Glow. No, I do not want to blog, play games or anything else. I simply want an e-reader for vacations, the gym, and for those times when I want to grab a book without the trip to the library or bookstore (yes, my county library has a digital library collection. It's great.) If you knew me in real life you would also know that I require any purse I purchase have the capacity to hold a paperback book. I take a book with me everywhere and it is time to upgrade. But we all know I will still have to go to the library, but maybe not 10 books checked out at a time. :) My Mom loves her nook color but I think the simple nook with glow for my late nights reading is the perfect decision for me. It looks just like a real book but slimmer and more compact.
NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight
And I would of course need one of these adorable cases to protect the e-reader:
Lilly Pulitzer Summer's Night
Kate Spade Falling Letters Cover
Lilly Pulitzer Lavish Lillies
Jonathan Adler Punctuation Cover in Violet
2. A nice watch. I love my Anne Klein bracelet watch I got for my 21st Birthday but I am looking for something to add to my jewelry collection but won't break Santa's budget if he want's to get me an e-reader as well. Here are some that I am loving.
AK Anne Klein Stripe Strap Watch
Betsey Johnson Leopard Print Patent Leather Strap
AK Anne Klein Round Crystal Watch
AK Anne Klein Round Skinny Bangle Watch
3.Patagonia Women's Re-Tool Snap Pullover. A nice comfy jacket that is perfect for those winter months. I love the pullover factor and I would want it in a fun color since my Columbia zip is brown and my peacoat is black (I lost my red one).  Here are the colors I think would be great to brighten the weary winter.
Deep Purple
Grecian Blue
Pickled Ginger
4. Tervis Tumblers. I love the two tumblers by Tervis I already own (I also have a few tumblers by Lilly Pulitzer and other companies but still love my Tervis ones the most). I have a 16 oz one with the plain black j in it and then I have the 24oz with a hot pink circle monogram that I got last year during the Cyber Monday sales. I use them all the time so why not add to my collection.
This is the perfect water bottle to grab and go to the gym. I love the reminder of H2O
Perfect for Game Day! Since we all know that I yell GO HEELS!
Who doesn't love the Vineyard Vines whale?

5. A nice purse. I want something that is classic that I will have for years so I am looking probably at a leather tote that zips. I want it to be the perfect work or everything bag. Simple, classic and elegant. This might have to become my birthday present but who knows. I am thinking brown since I still have my large black Le Pilage Longchamp that will last a little while longer after two years of heavy textbook abuse. Here are some that I have been eyeing.
MICHAEL Michael Kors "Large" Saffiano Leather Satchel
kate spade new york 'andee-cobble hill' tote
Coach Madison Leather Tote in Brass/Acorn
What have you been eyeing? What is on your wishlist?

Peace and Blessings,


  1. I received a NOOK Simple Touch (with Glowlight) AND the Kate Spade Falling Letters case for my 21st birthday! I love carrying it around in my Longchamp and the Glowlight really does make a difference if you read in bed/at night. Definitely beats carrying around a book (or multiple, if you're like me and read more than one book at a time!) It's great for all those titles you've been meaning to read but you haven't gone to the store to buy because you can buy books wherever you have WiFi available.

  2. I loveee that you're already planning your Christmas list - genius! I have the first edition NOOK and LOVE it. It's so easy to buy new books and you don't even have to leave your house! And those nice purses are gorgeous :)

  3. I love that MK purse - so sleek and classy! I hope you get one or more of the following:)

  4. I love that Coach bag. It's so grown up! :)

  5. Love my kindle and have a Vera B. cover. It fits perfectly into my longchamp!

  6. Ooh Patagonia fleeces are my favorite! Definitely a winter staple. I want new wedges, but I can't find any I like in my price range!

  7. I debated back and forth on getting a Kindle and I absolutely love mine, but I do switch back between it and regular books :).


Thanks for the sweet note!