Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to School Swap!

Hey y'all,

I participated in a lot of fun swaps this summer and you can check out what I received here and here. This wonderful experience of creating a gift package as well as meeting new blog friends was very positive and inspired me to create my own "back to school" swap. I personally love school and office supplies and this time of year always brings a smile to my face. Even though I am no longer a student as some of your out in the blogosphere are with me(or those teachers out there), cute office supplies and stationery are always needed so feel free to sign up.


So onto the logistics of everything:

1. Leave a comment on THIS blog post with your name (last names not required), email address, year in school (you can write postgrad or office if you are no longer in college or high school), and your favorite thing about back to school time (or your favorite school supply).

2. Price Range: $10-20(without shipping). I know that there are a lot of school supplies you can find on a small budget especially with sales but this allows you to look at places like Lifeguard Press, Vera Bradley, Sweet Tea Paperie, etc. for some other items as well as Target/Walmart/Staples/Drugstore purchases. 

3. I will leave up entry until 11:59EST on July 31st so that I can send out the matches on the 1st of August. Packages should be mailed by the 15th of August. More information will come when I send out the matches. 

4. Feel free to mention this and encourage others to join because who hates a fun gift of post-its, pens, and other school goodies?

I hope you decide to join! I think this will be a great opportunity to build friendships on Blogger and help someone have the perfect first day of school (or workday) with a lovely gift.

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Emily,, Senior in college (last semester), and my favorite thing is using my new planner. :)

  2. Kaitlyn., 5th year senior,
    My favorite thing is my washable markers. I have a calendar, and a board I right stuff on. :)

    I also love regular pencils not mechanical ones.

  3. Coral B.
    College SENIOR
    I love breaking in my new Lilly planner (mine's waiting for me in Tallahassee) with fresh pens!

    Tweeting this :)

  4. Rebecca
    College Sophomore (class of 2015)
    My favorite thing is getting a fresh pack of pens and highlighters!

  5. I'd love to join in!!

    Pharmacy school, First Year
    I'm a huge fan of colored pens!

  6. Mariel
    College Sophomore Class of 2015!
    I love using my Lilly planner!


Thanks for the sweet note!