Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday

Hey y'all,

Since I have so much to share on Friday, bookwise I thought I would share a list of ten things this Tuesday. They are all kind of random but I think that is what makes it fun. 

one. Brittney started a blog! Brittney is one of my sorority sisters and she started a blog called The Storm Life. You should go check it out! I have also added her link to my daily blog reads which you can find here.

two. She Read's Truth's new plan on giving thanks. I loved the plan on hospitality earlier this month and after the first devotion I know this short 12 day devotion will be the perfect way to prepare for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season in the right frame of mind.

three. Cinderella is Saturday! It's time for my third show at the DPAC for this season. I am so excited for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I watched the TV movie with Brandy back when I was little and I know most of the songs so it will be a fun afternoon outing.
four. Between Thursday and Thanksgiving I will be having 3 Thanksgiving meals. Yep, 3 in one week. I have a potluck at work, a dinner with PBX, and then my family's meal. Let's hope that I survive eating all the delicious food.

five. Froyo time with Sam. Sam-I-Am (aka one of my small group leaders) is one of those people who is so encouraging and gives amazing hugs so I'm happy we are going to indulge in froyo and let all the stress melt away on Wednesday. Yay for midweek pick me ups planned.

six. Mockingjay Pt. 1 comes out on Thursday! I am being responsible and not going to see it in theaters at midnight, or 8pm as I did with the first two films. Yep, I got an early showing to Catching Fire. I am actually trying to hold off and see it with my family over Thanksgiving break and if not my small group is meeting up and seeing it in two weeks.

seven. one of the local news stations made this music video about No Shave November to the tune of Frozen's Let it Go. I present, Let it Grow.

eight. Starbucks Holiday mugs. I do not drink coffee so whenever it is the holiday season and people gift me with Starbucks I search for really cute mugs. I have a few Starbucks holiday mugs and they have held up great. This year I am really liking this plaid one as well as the candy cane stripes demi cup and the oh, what fun mug.

nine. Eight more days until the whole family is back together! This is the first time since May that I will be seeing my older siblings so I am excited to spend Thanksgiving with them, eating and hanging out. #outofstateproblems

ten. Hide and Hug Olaf. I love my elf on the shelf but for those of you opposed to having an adorable elf (mine is named PolkaDot after her polka dot skirt) you have an alternative with this hide and hug Olaf. I am still an elf fan but this is a sweet alternative for kids to have and hug.
What are you excited about this week?
It's the last full week of classes here at UNC, the holidays are coming, and my roomie is cooking dinner tonight. Why would I not be in a great mood?


  1. Those Starbucks mugs are so cute! I just wish they were full-sized mugs instead of demi cups.


    1. Agreed! I love their mugs but the demi cups aren't really the best size.

  2. o god let it grow is going to be stuck in my head!

    1. Sorry! I just thought it was too funny not to share!


Thanks for the sweet note!