Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hi y'all,

Friday/Monday were the craziest days of the semester at work since a big deadline was Monday so sorry for the absence. I am finally getting a laptop tomorrow so hopefully the post-it note of post ideas I have can be dealt with. In the meantime, today is the football game between Carolina and Miami and UNC is making it a blackout game labeled "Zero Dark Thursday." Since I am at work and not attending the game I decided to show my school spirit by dressing up, here is what I am wearing and since today's high is 80 I think if I was attending the game this could transition well (with some tights and different shoes). And Happy Start of Fall Break for UNC students means my work day will be very quiet!

UNC vs Miami


  1. Aww! I was going to ask if you were going to the game! I'll be there tonight, but am wearing Carolina blue with a black jacket! haha Let's hope it's cool enough to warrant wearing a jacket! I'm hoping to check out Tar Heel town before the game. Are you getting off work early?


Thanks for the sweet note!