Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apartment Tour: Bathroom

Hey y'all,

So I have officially been in my place for two months now and it is finally coming all together. I am so glad I made some small changes from my last apartment, notably the shower curtain which now matches my new bedspread. It give a more cohesive look, plus I am not really a fan of brown as a color and now have retired that part, however, I am still working on changing out the bathmats (which you can barely see in the photos but are these ones) since they match the shower curtain I had in college. (Please excuse iPhone photos, with the computer still out of commission, posting via phone means no camera to plug in for nicer shots.)

Warning the majority of my decor comes from Target finds as well as Homegoods/ Marshalls/T.J. Maxx finds since I am still trying to live a life on a budget (student loans are not cheap). I hope this inspires you that you can have an adorable bathroom on a small budget.

These are postcards of The Little Prince or Le Petite Prince from France that my bestie, aMl, got me while she was studying abroad.

The small two tier catchall was a clearance find at Target and the Polish Pottery dish I found at Marshalls. It is the perfect way to have all of my essentials without a cluttered mess.
I found both of these quote canvases at Homegoods and they are just so inspiring as I get ready each morning. Each day is a new start and we need to live it in pursuit of our dreams. *Yes I plan on eventually only having navy, pink and light blue towels out but since I don't have guests for a while the brown towels appear before laundry day.

The hook on the back of my door holds my Victoria Secret & UNC bathrobes along with extra towels.

I hope that y'all enjoyed a little look into my home/life. What are your go to decor stores?


  1. I love that shower curtain! I too have horizontal stripes in the bathroom and I especially love them. I got a lot of my bathroom things from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    1. I looked at BB&B for some stuff, especially their Kate Spade line since I have the KS bedding but there was nothing I loved and went with the bedding perfectly.

  2. Love your shower curtain! Very nautical. I'm always scouring TJ Maxx for home decor deals.

    1. It was only $15 at Target! I saw it on another blog and had to get it!

  3. We have that shower curtain at our beach house!! Love your bathroom!!

    PS I have a giveaway happening on my blog! http://www.keepinupwithkaitlyn.com/2013/10/belle-and-lilly-bows-bowtiful-giveaway.html

  4. seriously we are toooo much the same!!! HAHA I have canvases i made in my bathroom & i just moved too! lol

    love the curtain :)


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