Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall TV Friday

Hey y'all,

This week has been really grate and the start of a lot of fall television, while I am not super excited about a lot of the new shows I was so excited to watch the premiers of some of my favorite shows. So since I am nosy and like to see what people watch on TV I thought I would share (beware I am a bit of a TV junkie). I am going to group things by night so it makes it a bit easier if you are interested in the show.

*Nothing. I used to watch Once Upon a Time but gave it up. I mainly reserve Sundays for the Spring when Downton Abbey returns.
8pm. How I Met Your Mother. I did watch this show for a very long time and stopped watching religiously right around season 7 but with the (final) final season starting I have watched the first episode and I am right back with the gang. I am slowly catching up on the episodes I missed on Netflix.
8pm. Hart of Dixie. My love of all things Southern made me begin to watch this show and how can you resist a small town with a former football player major, girls named Magnolia & Lemon, an aligator is considered a pet, and Rachel Bilson plays a doctor from NYC.
10pm. Castle. If you have yet to start this show, please pick it up. I love the wit and fun of this crime drama that focuses around a NYC detective and a best-selling author as he does "research" for his new book series. While I am unsure where this new season is headed I love the team of Becket and Castle so I will continue to watch.
*My Mom recommends The Blacklist and I want to catch Hostages.

*a night of new shows. I have yet to catch any of these shows, but these look interesting and I will keep you updated if they stick around my weekly lineup.

8pm. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

8pm. The Originals (spin-off of the Vampire Diaries, the premiere last night was different than the one I watched on last month)
9:30pm Trophy Wife

8:30pm Back in the Game (I want to watch this one but have yet to see it)

9pm. Modern Family. Good, family fun and lots of laughter. I love to come home from Chapter and get a great night of laughter in.
9pm. Criminal Minds. I am more of a re-runs person with Criminal Minds ever since my Mom spoiled one of the seasons.

Thursday (my big night of TV)
8pm. The Big Bang Theory. This show fulfills my need for geeky televisions since we all have an inner nerd. It is just so funny and if you have never watched it, my CW station has it come on every weeknight at 7pm & 7:30pm so you can catch up quickly. I must say the newer seasons are more crude and not my favorite compared to the first few seasons.

8pm. The Vampire Diaries. I was not an original fan but the summer before my Senior year of college, I was bored and watched all the episodes on Netflix and then became obsessed. I must say though I lost touch this past spring and that is ok since a whole bunch of crazy stuff is going on right now.
9pm. Reign. My love for history and things makes me so excited for this show and the costuming. Plus who doesn't like drama between royalty.
10pm. Scandal. HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE SHOW. SERIOUSLY. If you are not watching Scandal, get to a computer, turn on Netflix and watch both seasons. It is amazing and I love it. It is filled with lots of twists and turns and you never really know anything.
10pm Elementary. I was very hesitant about this show last year when it aired but I love crime dramas and Sherlock Holmes and this is a nice twist without being kitschy. I love trying to see all the weird ways Holmes thinks and solves crimes.
9pm. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team 8. I started to watch this show with my mom when it started back 8 years ago. I was raised in Texas so I have always had an appreciation for the DCC and it is fascinating to watch the whole process and then after years you become attached to the veterans and don't want them to leave.
9pm. Say Yes to the Dress. self-explanatory. 
10pm Dracula. I am so excited for this show to start. I am a huge Jonathan Rhys Meyers fan and loved him in the Tudors so I can't wait to see him take on this role. 
*too busy for TV I tend to save it for College Football or I am out to dinner with friends and do not miss anything.

What do you watch? Any shows I need to add?
Look at the full line up here


  1. LOVE this! I definitely recommend The Blacklist as well. Also, did you catch last night's Big Bang? I was DYING I was laughing so hard!!!! Oh my goodness, Amy and Howard!? I could not stop!! Last night after Big Bang we kept on CBS and ended up watching that new show, The Millers. It was SO funny!

    The shows that I can't miss are;
    Sundays: The Amazing Race
    Mondays & Tuesdays: The Voice. I can't keep myself away from Blake Shelton :)
    Mondays: The Blacklist
    Wednesdays: Survivor

    I'm glad that I'm not the only TV addict!

  2. We watch so many of the same shows! I still watch OUAT, HIMYM, Hart of Dixie, Modern Family, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, DCC, Big Bang, Criminal Minds! I used to watch SYTTD, but gave up since it was making me covet that experience so much. I was hoping to find some new shows, but I think I have enough already! haha

  3. I am adding some of these to my DVR tonight, thank you!! I love Revenge on Sundays and The Middle before Modern Family!

  4. My weekly "must see" shows are Chopped (I love Food Network!), Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and SYTTD. I also love watching Community!


  5. Hahah I love "who doesn't like drama between royalty?"

    I am also a huge Modern Family fan! My only other shows are New Girl and The Mindy Project!

  6. I love HIMYM and the Big Bang Theory. You should also check out the Mindy Project. I love that show! I haven't seen Scandal, so I guess I need to start!


Thanks for the sweet note!