Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans (a day late)

Hey y'all,

So the computer is completely out of commission. Thursday night I tried to set it back to factory settings but it would not allow it to go to start Windows normally without making the blue screen of death appear, and Safe Mode will not re-set it up. It is really sad but after 5+ years and a few drops in my various dorm rooms, that computer has lasted through a lot. Now is the great computer search. So if I have spotty blog posts, you guys know why.

Now this weekend was filled with exciting things. First, Friday for lunch I tried out Tru deli. For those of you who have not been in the Chapel Hill area for a while, it is where P.T's Grille used to reside. It was really good and I loved the atmosphere, I would recommend you check it out. Friday night meant a relaxing night in. After a few trips to Target to check out some things (and scoring some sports bras for under $5 a piece) it was time to head home. I had been so busy lately and I definitely needed the rest so after I went to go check on the Chihuahua I was dog sitting I settled in for a night of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team, I Found the Gown,  and SYTTD. It was pure bliss.

Saturday morning came and I got up to do a few chores (dishes) and then began getting ready for the UNC/ECU game. LC arrived and since she was looking adorable I dressed up. After some awful game day traffic we were able to head to the game and meet up with her parent's in their season ticket seats. While the game was not what I had hoped, there was ample amounts of people watching and I am sorry but there are some shades of blue that are not under the Carolina Blue umbrella #sorrynotsorry. After the game, I enjoyed a night in again with the book I am reading, On Folly Beach, and catching up on the Big Bang Theory, HIMYM & Elementary.

Sunday. Sunday was a hard day, to say the least. I have been babysitting two super sweet boys for months now and it was my last week with the family last Sunday and this Sunday I began working with another family in the same church. It was super difficult since my original two guys were both in the nursery with me as usual but they have now moved to MONTANA. Yep. They are gone. It was really tough hugging the little guys and saying goodbye. After that tough morning I ran off to the Verizon store to get my iPhone. Y'all, I had been living with an LG Chocolate for almost 4 years (yes I upgraded and then less than 6 months later my phone was lost in the library during my Senior year of undergrad). Since I was being kicked off my parent's plan I splurged for the iPhone 4s. 
After two hours in that store, yes two. Waiting on the list then having to be put back on after my parent's okayed my exit from their plan, I was seen by a manager with great customer service. Then it was checking on the puppy and an Officer Meeting with PBX. After a great conversation with the best guy friend it was time to go to bed. 

Now for your delight....

And, the kittens are here! My parent's kittens are visiting for the week and I am so excited, if you have begun to follow me on Instagram, I am sorry but it will be cat photos for the next week....

How was your weekend? What apps do I have to have for my new phone?

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. BAHAHAA I love clinton :)

    Ugh, not having a working computer is the PITS!!!!

    & don't even worry about the phone thang! I had worse than an LG chocolate up until a little over a month ago!!! I finally upgraded to an iPhone!!

    happy wednesday!

  2. The traffic was so bad on Saturday! And I'm with you on the other colors other than Carolina Blue. Annoys me. Also annoys me to see so many people trying to pass off teal, aqua and turquoise for mint. That's happened more than I can count this summer.

  3. Love your comments on people wearing other colors..it happens here, too!! Congrats on snagging your new iPhone. I am attached at the hip to mine!


Thanks for the sweet note!