Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekends are for Carolina Wins, Pumpkins and GreatGreatGrandlittles

Hey y'all,

My office has a case of the Mondays but it is ok because I had an amazing weekend that I think the quiet will help.So let's get right to my weekend re-cap.


Friday I left the office and ran back to my apartment to grab the letter shirt from All that Jas that had arrived in anticipation of Big/Little reveal Saturday. After chatting with the roommate before she headed off to work I headed to the gym. After watching Family Feud while getting some time on the elliptical I headed over to Target to grab some things for dinner. My apartment's fridge has been having issues so I did not trust the milk I put in there for any meal. Luckily the fridge had a temp fix by Friday and will get the new part this week! It was a relaxing night and I was able to get in some reading and me-time.

CW and I outside of the suite we had lunch in.
After getting up a bit early to get ready I was off to Chapel Hill for a work function that included a tour of the Loudermilk Center for Excellence and the Kenan Football Center as well as lunch before the Boston College/Carolina game. It was a lot of fun hanging out with some of my co-workers at a Carolina game and we had some great seats to watch Carolina win against Boston College!
Our view at lunch.
I work with a lot of other Carolina Alums and a few of them were at the game so we had to snap a picture.
With AC who is so sweet, I love that I get to work closely with her daily.
 So I left the game in the middle of the fourth quarter in order to make it over to the PBX house in time for one of the biggest events of the semester, Big/Little reveal! My family welcomed a new little addition, gBl and I am so excited for the Fish Fam!
My Grandlittle, kBm has a grandlittle now!!
Last photos as just Big and Little
Welcome Home gBl!
I love these girls and I can't wait to get to know my ggglittle better!
 The night ended with watching DCC: Making the Team, doing some dishes and then having some heart to heart talks with the roomie until after 1am.

After my usual morning babysitting I ran home to begin working on my mess of a closet. I keep putting off cleaning my closet which is the messiest part of my room but I was able to clean it up a bit before heading with the roomie to grab a pumpkin for carving! We checked Aldi but their selection was limited and luckily the Target had a great one. After church we headed home to make a yummy dinner of shrimp in a vodka sauce over pasta and corn. It was then time to carve so we threw on the Princess Bride and to the sound of "as you wish" and discussed our love of the film though it had been forever since we had seen it but could still quote the entire thing. 

And being the people we are, our pumpkin had a minion design. I mean, it fits in with our collection...

I hope your weekend was filled with lots of fun!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. I love your pumpkin! I carved a moon and stars in mine (pictures on my blog).

  2. Love the pumpkin! Yay for big/lil fam expansion.

  3. Sooo jealous of all the UNC games you get to go to!!!! Looks like a fun weekend!


Thanks for the sweet note!