Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last Week's Shenanigans....

Hey y'all,

I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP! Yep, I am officially back to the blogging world and I am so excited to share with y'all about what has been going on. This past week has been chock full of lots of things and I would love to share everything. *warning: lots of photos ahead!

Last Friday my parent's were in town since they were amazing and when my little sister and I started to plan for a birthday celebration including Beauty & the Beast when it came to the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) they asked if they could come and we said it was ok! So after work I ran home to get ready and wait for the family to arrive. We headed to the American Tobacco Road area for dinner and ended up at Tyler's Tap House. 
 yummy blue cheese chips to start.
herb chicken sandwich and garlic fries

After dinner we decided to take a stroll around the American Tobacco area before heading over and since my Mom had just gotten her iPhone that week so it was a chance to have an impromptu photo shoot and help her learn the settings on her phone.

with the birthday girl/baby sis
selfies with daddy

Then after our photo shoot outside we might have taken a ton of photos in the lobby before they opened the doors for seating.

And the photos continued inside as we waited for the show to start. I must say, thanks to my parent's for our amazing seats and a great night of broadway. The show was great and I might have been lip synching to all the songs since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. I mean, its kind of obvious that Belle is awesome and as a bookworm, who wouldn't want the library?

After that fun filled night you would think the weekend would calm down, but, I spent Saturday morning at Deb's Powderpuff Playoffs, it is the annual event held by PBX in honor of the former Faculty Advisor/current house mom who is a breast cancer survivor. 

The really old Powderpuff shirt I have.
One of the games: PBX vs Phi Mu
What was at stake. 
I mean who wouldn't want this trophy.

What was really great was my second little, mGk surprised me and showed up to the event. It was great to spend some time together and we even got a bib/little picture, our last before cFm found out her little (reveal is next Saturday).
It was a great event and I am so proud(as always) of my sisters putting on a wonderful philanthropy event. The money raised went to an organization that helped Deb in her time of treatment, Get Real and Heel.
Sunday was spent babysitting, cleaning, going on a date at the Duke Gardens and then unwinding with dinner before a Monday full of Chaos!
Monday was deadline day for work and then I left to grab my best friend, aMl, headed to Chick-fil-A and went to my small group before calling it a night. Tuesday was an exciting day for the bestie (I will reveal more later) and I was able to leave work a whole hour early due to dropping her off at the airport. As usual for our lives we promised to grab a picture while she was visiting but during those 24 hours I got a picture instead of the Dickey's BBQ we grabbed since she needed a BBQ fix before she was back to DC since they apparently can't make good BBQ (especially NC style though VA is a neighboring state). 

The rest of my week contained lots of Dayquil since I am battling a cold and then Thursday I did dress up for work for Zero Dark Thursday. 
And, eCs had a similar thought that morning since we were unintentionally twinning (yes people asked if we planned it since we are really good work friends).

Friday was employee appreciation day at Carolina so after free breakfast, lunch and a new water bottle I headed to BestBuy to purchase the laptop I am currently using. 

That was my week in a post, how was your's?
 Have you seen any Disney shows on stage?


  1. Looks like a fabulous week. Yay for new laptops.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic week! I'm so jealous of your new laptop. Mine is dying, but now I have a desktop. I miss blogging in bed though. I'm also jealous that you saw Beauty and the Beast! It's showing here next week, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to go or not. That trophy looks absolutely fabulous! That's such a fun way to raise money. I played powderpuff once in high school, but I was horrible. My team lost.


Thanks for the sweet note!