Thursday, October 24, 2013

Off to the Fair, North Carolina's Homecoming.

Hey y'all,

So a few months back, the concert tickets for the State Fair went online and I knew a few people after the Florida/Georgia Line tickets (I mean $10 for them is an amazing deal) but my sorority sister lSc ended up tweeting that she had bought two of the Scotty McCreery tickets and wanted to know if anyone was interested. I said of course since I am a huge country music fan and who doesn't love the Fair. Really though, I had not been to the fair since my senior year in college and it used to be a yearly event with my sorority sisters so I was glad to go again. Although the concert was a Monday night it meant the fair was not terribly crowded which I loved. 

So here are some tips for attending the state fair as well as some random photos! ENJOY!

OOTD for the Fair. 
Boots: Belk/Jeans: Target/ Top: OLD NAVY/Scarf: Gift/Bag: Vera Bradley
I think simple as far as fair clothing goes. Jeans, boots and flannel is the way to go for chilly fair evenings. 
Always take a photo of the section you park in. It seems crazy but after a few hours at the fair the worst is forgetting where you parked in the middle of the football stadium.

We had great seats for the concert and it was great going with a friend who also didn't know more than Scotty's big hits. With Scotty doing some covers and some new stuff I would say we knew a little more than half of the concert which is fine with me.

I can't make this stuff up.
After the concert we were starving since it was 9pm and it was time to indulge in the fair food. Tip, always go with someone who will not judge you when you want fried things.
Yes we did stop for fried food after grabbing some BBQ.

Fried PB&J and Fried Oreos. 
I had the Oreos since they are one of my top fair foods.

If you are able grab a funnel cake to share and head to watch the fireworks!

Other Tips:
If you are not a rides person, THAT IS OK! There is so much going on with the petting zoo, animal and other exhibits as well as concerts too.
Never look at the carnies in the eye when walking past game booths, I can't tell you how much I hate being catcalled like that.
Limit your fried foods. The fair is expensive so go in knowing what you want to spend and enjoy but don't go overboard. 
People watching is probably one of my favorite fair activities and it is free so enjoy seeing all the people who come out.
Go on a week night if possible, it is less crowded and you will have more fun walking around than getting stuck playing real life bumper cars.
Plan where you will park ahead of time and expect lots of traffic. If you go in with that mindset you will be less likely to have road rage and just enjoy your time.
Have fun!

The entire evening was a great chance to catch up with LC. She is one of the most hysterical, sweet people, crafty(she can seriously paint anything even Toms you can check out some of her work here), supportive and I love that we can vent and share similar experiences. While I am sad I will be missing her birthday celebration next weekend I am sure we will celebrate again with Catching Fire. 

Now I am off to detox this week and no more fried food like that until the next fair.

What are your favorite things to do at the Fair? Any other tips? Favorite fried treat?

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  1. Aww!! This looks like SUCH a fun evening! I've never been a fair before! The photos remind me of a scene from "The Notebook"! Haha Glad you had such a great time!


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