Monday, November 11, 2013

30 days of thanks {veterans and service members}

Hey y'all,

Since today is Veteran's day I thought it was only appropriate that today's 30 days of thanks went out to all the service men and women out there especially to those members of my family that have served to protect our nation. I am very blessed to have had so many family members show so much selflessness in serving our nation and I am so honored to call myself a military brat. While everyone wonders what the experience is like I have had a wonderful life with an amazing father showing each day service to others no matter the risk to his life. Through many tours overseas to various places I learned a love of travel, connection to my family, and a love of serving others in everything I do. 

So if you had anytime today I hope that you were able to celebrate those members out there serving the country, those who have lost their lives, and those out there who have served and are now out in the community in various other capacities. 

I am blessed to have both grandfathers and my dad as role models of service members so I hope that you are able to celebrate our country through the various people who have protected it and will protect it!

What are you thankful for this holiday?

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