Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday {November 22}

Hey y'all,

I cannot believe that it is already FRIDAY! The week has gone by and I am excited for a somewhat calm weekend and next week is a short work week before I spend some time with the family for the holidays. 

one. Today is my work's Thanksgiving luncheon! I am so excited for yummy food and a break in the work day to hang out with my co-workers. Last year this was my first social function with the office and I was so nervous, now I am so comfortable with people and have some really great friends in the office.

two. catching fire. Yep, I went to see it last night at 8:30pm (I'm a grandma so who wants to stay up until midnight, as it was I didn't get home until 11:40pm). I am not going to spoil the film but I really enjoyed it! I think it helped that it has been almost two years since I read the book so I wasn't so nit-picky. I will say the movie moved very well and when it was coming to an end I felt like it had just started instead of the 2+hours it was. 

Also have you seen this parody on the film from Sesame Street?

three. relaxing weekends in. Tonight I plan to watch Reign & Scandal from last night with the roomie since she was working and missed them and then we are off to celebrate tPn's birthday! If you are not watching Reign or Scandal you need to check out Netflix and Hulu and get to it! I am loving both shows and it makes my Thursday nights in perfect! The rest of the weekend is pretty free except for Sunday when we will be activating another class of PBX members!

four. kate spade new york on Ebay. This weekend Ebay is teaming up with Kate Spade again and I am trying really hard to resist the urge of grabbing the Wellesley Rachelle bag I have been eyeing since it is 60%off or the grove court blaine at 55% off. This event is held every few months and it is not a typical ebay sale but I think of them as another Kate Spade surprise sale, no bidding, no extra shipping costs, it's pretty great. Now to be good with my money, especially with Christmas presents coming up and resist but I could always have Santa surprise me with one of them (or a birthday elf).

five. reading. I am really trying to find time to fit in some books but my weeks seem to get filled rather quickly. I just finished a short book I got from Netgalley called In Pursuit of a Princess by Leona Worth and while it was a Harlequin novel it was more of a mystery adventure than a romance dealing with art theft. Goodreads describes the book below:
Princess Lara Kincade returned home to New Orleans to continue her late husband's humanitarian work. She also hopes to force his killer out of hiding. But a priceless painting has put her plans—and life—at risk. Embroiled in a deadly art scandal, Lara must depend on handsome photojournalist Gabriel Murdock to help her expose a murderer. Gabriel's determination to keep her safe has softened her heart to love's possibilities again. Somewhere among his photos lies the identity of the murderer, but can they uncover the killer before this heist turns deadly?
 What are you currently reading?


  1. I'm planning on catching up of Reign and Scandal too. They've both been so great so far!


  2. I can't wait to see Catching Fire! I am one of those really obnoxious people that wont see the movie until I read the book AGAIN, so I will probably be very nit picky about it. Regardless, my girl-crush Jennifer wont let me down, so I know it will be amazing!!


Thanks for the sweet note!