Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday

Hey y'all,

This week has gone by so fast and I am ready for the weekend so that I can possibly organize my life to be a bit less crazy next week. Anyway, there are a few things this week that I am celebrating so lets get to it:

1. Carolina's Homecoming! Yep, UNC plays UVA tomorrow at 12:30 and I am so lucky to have snagged some seats through work so eCs and I are going and will be almost at the 50 yard line! Woot Woot! I have always loved going to the UNC/UVA game since there is a long standing rivalry between the two schools and I was also denied admission to UVA back in high school so I love when Carolina grabs the win. 

If you will be at the game let me know! I would love to meet some of y'all!
Also, shameless plug if you are a Carolina student go vote for Mr. & Ms. UNC! The candidates work really hard on putting together service projects the money will go towards and two of my sorority sisters are running on platforms that benefit children so Chelsea & Jordan are great choices!

2. Prep in your blood. So this weekend while I was in the guest room of my parent's house I found this treasure. 

Yep that is a needlepoint bean boot. My grandmother actually did this piece and since she was from New Hampshire. I had always grown up around bean boots and nautical things so I have always had a mixture of northern prep from my family and southern prep from my surroundings. Bean boots have always been in my life and yet I still do not have a pair since to me they were always reserved for living with snow and ice and not a fashion statement. 
What are your thoughts on bean boots?

3. Executive Board Elections. So Monday night was elections for Phi Beta Chi's Kappa chapter and I was so proud of how the night went. It was filled with tough decisions but I am excited to work with these women over the next year especially my great-grandlittle who is the incoming Fundraising chair. 

4. Boo-lated Halloween presents. So my office did the tradition of booing offices last year and talking to work friends a lot of them didn't get boo-ed. So since it is such a big deal in my parent's neighborhood I figured I would begin the booing this year. 
 Trying to be sneaky one morning to deliver the gifts.

 So I was not boo-ed during the month of October but neither was CW so on Halloween I gave CW a Halloween goodie bag and this morning she delivered this "boo-lated" gift. I now have more Halloween candy and a bit of decor to put in storage until next year.

5. 30 days of thanks. Blog Friends. Last night I went to my first TriFabb event and it was great to meet some other bloggers and hang out with Allison again!
Lauren, Myself, Allison, Molly, and Justiss

I am so thankful for the blogging community, through it I have made some amazing friends and some people I can call friends in real life as well. There are the sweetest people out there blogging and through swaps, emails, meet-ups, and link-ups I have met such a diverse group of people who all love to share things and are there for you no matter what. While I wish I could met all of y'all in person I am slowly growing my blog circle and that is a great thing!

What are you loving this week?


  1. All of this looks good. I've loved reading all of the blogger's 30 days of thanks so far this month!

    Hope you had a great week!
    - Sarah

  2. Love the idea of Boo-lated gifts! Too cute! :) And how awesome that years ago, your grandmother was already doing needlepoints of Bean boots! Too funny.

  3. I certainly always LOVE watching a team take down UVA! Glad that y'all had a great homecoming game!


Thanks for the sweet note!