Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 days of thanks x4 {quiet time, random dance parties, crock-posts & ibuprofen}

Hey y'all,

So I have been lacking on the postings this week but my job has had me running all over with UNC registration for the spring semester. To make it up here are all the things I have been thankful for the past four days:

quiet time. One thing I love about my job is that I get there in the mornings before the office is officially open so I am able to spend some time getting ready for the day and I try to read a devotional online. I am currently reading through Good Morning Girls' Thanksgiving series as well as She Read's Truth series on the Women of the Bible that came out a while ago. You can find both on Youversion so if you have 15 mins in the morning or during a lunch break I highly recommend devoting that time to the Lord. 
crock-pots. As a girl that loves to cook it is weird to write that my slow-cooker is something I am thankful but there are always those nights when you actually want to come home and do nothing, well those nights I am thankful for meal planning and my crock-pot. I mean some days you want to hit the gym after work and not eat at 7pm or later. This weekend I tried this healthy chicken stroganoff recipe and I recommend it! It was perfect for a night where I left work, ran home, then was off to a choir concert at church. With only four ingredients (plus noodles) I have made 5+ meals for this week with all the leftovers after one day of a crock-pot cooking for work. 

random dance parties. Tonight my roommate and I were talking about motivation to work out and she pulled up her playlist from when she was really determined and diligent to a workout regimen and we then had a mini dance party to Cher Lloyd's "Want you back" and One Direction's "You don't know you're beautiful." Yep, my roomie is great and who doesn't love dance parties in your living room. What is your motivation to workout/lose weight?

ibuprofen. I had the worst headache/migraine thing this afternoon. I don't get headaches often and when I do they tend to be terrible so I sleep them off. Most medicines don't really change it so it sucks but such is my head. However, after taking a bubble bath to relax, taking my allergy pill, and sitting in a dark room for over an hour nothing had changed but ibuprofen when was taken helped tremendously and so I was able to feel better and have a small dinner at 9pm. YAY for no more headaches.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I am thankful for quiet time as well. I get up early for work just so I can have it. I like to read my bible, blog, or call family members.


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