Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

Hey y'all,

Can you believe that I have been posting all week? I can't! YAY for finally making time for this little blog. So let's get started with five on Friday.

one. Thankfulness. I think you all should look at Ryann's post about 30 Days of Thanks. This will either be it's own blog post or attached to one and helps to prompt me to write something everyday. Today I am thankful for my faith. I know that if you have been reading this blog for a while or you know me in real life you know I am a Christian. I am so thankful to my family for raising me in the faith and encouraging me to continue to grow in my walk with God. I have been very blessed through my years and I know they have all come from our great God!

two. Long Weekends. This weekend will be a long weekend for me due to doctor/dentist appointments so I guess I will enjoy that extra day even though it is booked solid.

three. hair cuts. I am going back to brunette tomorrow. For the last (almost) three years I have been highlighting my hair every 5ish months or so. I am ready to get back to a natural color on me, even though I was born blonde and let the mousy brown back (I think it will be like a chocolate brown when all is said and done).
At my 19th birthday celebrations. YAY for brown hair!
four. Book Club Friday. I have not linked up in a while since I have not been reading a ton which is a major problem but I did just finish Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes. I was given this book via Netgalley and if you are a fan of the Victorian era and have seen Lost in Austen run out and grab this book. It is actually the second book in a series and now I have to track down The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl. The book is described as
 "Leah Ramsey has always loved historical romance novels and dressing in period costumes. So when she has a chance to time travel and experience the history for herself, she jumps at it—figuring it can't be too hard to catch the eye of a duke. After all, it happens all the time in her novels. 
Avery Russell, valet and prize pugilist, reluctantly helps Leah gain a position in the Duke of Granville's household . . . as a maid. 
Domestic servitude wasn't exactly what she had in mind, but she's determined to win her happily ever after. Even if the hero isn't exactly who she's expecting." 
So I highly recommend the book as a quick, cute read if you enjoy Victorian romance stories! I give it 3.5 stars!


five. Football. I have to shout out GO HEELS for my team takes on my sister's team Saturday! While DUKE is Carolina's rival, State always thinks they are rivals with us so we are a house divided and hopefully my team can pull out the win like last year.

What are you up to this weekend?

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