Thursday, November 7, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY jCm! {30 days of thanks}

Hey y'all,

So today's 30 days of thanks post has to go out to my two best friends considering one of them is celebrating her birthday today. 

aMl and I met at the annual cul-de-sac summer gathering before 10th grade, she had just moved back to our hometown and while we talked since we were in the same grade we really did not become fast friends until having the same lunch period second semester. Now we are in our 8th year of friendship and I cannot think of my life without her to celebrate all the big moments. While we went to colleges almost 800 miles apart our conversations on the phone kept us close and over breaks we would pick up as if nothing has happened. This girl is the best and I cannot wait to continue to uplift her as she continues her journey at MEDICAL SCHOOL! Yep aMl just got accepted to her first school and while there are others she is interviewing at I have a couple of favorites so we shall see where she ends up!

Now onto the birthday girl. jCm and I first met my sophomore year of college (apparently sophomore year is the time I become besties with people) when she moved in with mKh as my suitemates. After convincing them to go through recruitment I began getting closer and closer to J. We ended up living together again in an apartment junior and senior year. J and I are both really close and I don't know what my college life would be like without this partner in crime. While I am not there to celebrate with her for her birthday :( I know that someday soon we will be in the same state and will go grab a drink at Topo, make a run to Homegoods and wander around Target. 
I am so blessed by these women's friendships and I am so thankful for all the memories that I have with them, they have shaped who I am. These women will stand by my side in anything and are the best friends anyone could dream of, so here is to partners in crime!

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